Introducing: West Paw Designs

Industry: Pet Toys and Bedding

Cost Comparison: Comparable to competitors 

Certifications: B Corps Certified

Location: Bozeman, MT

Handcrafted in the USA

Furry, fetchable, and eco-friendly, West Paw has a great variety of high quality, domestically crafted pet toys and bedding. Straight from their headquarters in Bozeman, skilled sewers make each piece one loving stitch at a time. By smartly cutting every square inch of fabric to make their beds, they are able to keep fabric out of the landfill by using the leftover fabric in their toys.


Sustainable Pups

A healthy earth means healthy pets and healthy pets means happy owners. This is why West Paw incorporates sustainable practices in their manufacturing and design processes using only BPA and phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant materials. For example, they use a new IntelliLoft fabric and fill for their toys, which is made from recycled bottles. Also, their award winning Zogoflex® dog toys can all be infinitely recycled through their Join the Loop program which allows customers to send back an old Zogoflex to be recycled into new Zogoflex’s. The company also co-founded the Montana Coalition for the Outdoors and the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition. 

Giving Back

West Paw Design impliments a Donations Committee to review monthly requests for money and pet products. They donate high quality, re-sellable pet products for raffles and auctions, and also donate imperfect products to humane societies and shelters because homeless pups need toys and beds too.

Pet Sustainability Coalition

West Paw Design helps set the satandard for sustainability in the pet products industry by co-founding the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition. The coalition unites pet-driven businesses, providing them with resources so they can collaborate on advancing their business goals while maintaining their commitment to the planet. This allows for the creation of not just superior products, but sustainable, community-minded business solutions. 

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