Introducing: MiiR


Kicking things off on this blog from the PNW I figured it was fitting to feature a company from our home state. MiiR is based in Seattle, WA and is changing the world through the sale of outdoor recreation products such as bikes, bags, and mugs. They also boast the highest B Corp score (117/200) in the industry.

Industry: Outdoor Recreation

Cost Comparison: Comparable to competitors 

Certifications: B Corps Certified, Evergreen Certified, LEED Certified

Location: Seattle, WA


Mugs: MiiR offers an extensive selection of reusable bottles, mugs and canisters at a competitive price.

MiiR Average Cost: $30 

Comparable Products Average Cost: KleanKanteen-$30 Camelbak-$27

Bags: MiiR has four sleek and simple bags ranging in size from a small pouch to a larger travel backpack.

MiiR Average Cost: $120

Comparable Products Average Cost: Osprey-$160 Northface-$140

Bikes: MiiR sells four different bikes that range from their topline Burke ($1,175) down to their children’s bike, the Bambini. ($95)

MiiR Average Cost: $800

Comparable Products Average Cost: Ghost-$1,100 Cannondale-$900

Unique Business Model

Their unique ‘Product to Project’ business model is responsible for helping people live better lives through investments in clean water, bicycle transportation and education. Their approach to giving is simple; regardless of whether or not they are profitable, (which they are) they commit to giving 5% of their revenue to projects around the world. This is 5% of TOTAL SALES, not profit. They believe, “It is far better to give someone a fishing pole and teach them to fish than simply handing them a fish.”



The 5% of total sales is given through their ‘MiiR Give’ program and has contributed to over 55 water projects in Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa including projects dedicated to biosand filters, construction and rehabilitation of water systems, as well as supporting hygiene and sanitation efforts through their mug sales. They also support transportation and education projects through the sale of their bike and bags, respectively. For a complete list of their current projects and the organizations they support check out their project map

‘Track Your Impact’

Perhaps the coolest aspect of buying a MiiR product is not only supporting good business, but having the ability to track the specific project your purchase is supporting. This is made possible by ‘Give Codes’ which are given with every item sold. Take your Give Code to their website and enter it in under the ‘Track Your Impact’ tab to see your purchase at work.

Flagship Store

MiiR’s business plan isn’t the only thing that is unique. At their flagship store in Seattle, MiiR provides a space for community interaction by mixing MiiR products, delicious, sustainably-sourced coffee from Counter Culture Coffee, a huge selection of craft beers, food, and information on the MiiR Give program and community. At the store you can shop the entire product line as well as Flagship exclusives, not found online or in other stores. They also offer events and seminars from their partners to spread the good word about responsible business. The store is located in the Brooks Running building which is LEED certified and part of Living Building Pilot program. (Shout out to the International Living Future Institute) The facility is regarded as one of the most efficient commercial buildings in the nation. 

You can shop MiiR products on their website – – also find MiiR products through Patagonia (another great corporation) 


Support the Triple Bottom Line





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