Triple Bottom Line – Purposeful Blogging for Purposeful Business

In light of our new president elect I feel the need to reach out to my circle on an issue I am passionate about. The environment, our Earth, our only Earth. Regardless of your political affiliation, or your religion, or race, or sex, or gender, or even species (for all the dogs, cats, and other household pets reading this) climate change will negatively affect you and it will affect your children, and your children’s children, and the trend will continue until we all decide to act on it and take it seriously. Whether action comes through the free market or public policy, that is fact.

It is also a fact that come January, the United States will be THE ONLY nation in the world with a leader who denies climate change. A leader who has stated that climate change is a hoax, a conspiracy perpetrated by the Chinese. A leader who plans to pull out of the Paris Agreement signed by the US and 190 other countries around the world and ratified by 105 of those same nations. A leader who has just appointed known climate-denier Myron Ebell to head the EPA. These decisions could and almost certainly will be detrimental to the progress we have made over the last few years and could have unprecedented effects on the environment, global/domestic economy, peace, food security, water security, and immigration.

Many people feel hopeless on issues as big as climate change because small actions can often feel so insignificant when compared to the overall problem. However, what many people fail to realize is their ultimate power as an educated consumer.

It is basic economics that demand determines supply. However basic the concept, the idea is powerful. If you have ever thought quietly to yourself, or out loud while smoking That 70’s Show style in the basement with your friends, “Man, large corporations control the world.” you would be right to some extent. I however, would ask for you to look at it from the other side.

The reason these corporations are so large and powerful isn’t due to an evil plot for world dominance or brainwashing tactics causing us all to buy their products, (though there is some incredible marketing psychology that goes into ad campaigns) it is simply because there is huge demand for the things they sell. Demand is large, so many meet demand with a supply at as little cost as possible in order to meet every conventional business’ goal of maximizing shareholder profits. Unfortunately, minimizing costs often results in diminished respect for employees, consumers, and/or the planet.

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

This type of business is luckily becoming increasingly less acceptable as we, the educated consumers, begin demanding more products and organizations that do the right things, corporations that treat their employees, customers, and the environment with respect. Companies that have a true triple bottom line for people, planet, and profit. It is not my purpose to bore you with facts, or scare you, or to drone on about the current state of things, it is to empower people to take some small actions and to encourage everyone that despite the power of public policy and large industries, there will always be our voice and actions as consumers that dictate true change.

Now that I have undeniably inspired everyone to change the world, I will be starting a couple new social media accounts and a blog, (which you are reading, yay!) dedicated to sharing amazing, socially responsible corporations with you all. From biodegradable condoms and eco-friendly baby clothes, to responsible sportswear and upcycled military surplus, I will provide you with products that you can feel good about buying.

Also, I would like to encourage anyone who has questions about climate change, waste reduction, green products, green building, or anything having to do with the conservation of our environment, to contact me and open up a dialog. My inbox is always open.

This is our only Earth, we must treat it with respect by supporting good business.


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